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about us

Canines of New York was founded by Sheena in 2012 after two years working for an agency. Aware of the inefficiency and frustration of middlemen and turned off by the mega-packs that litter the Upper East Side, she wanted to create an experience unique to the neighborhood. Somewhere between the overworked solo walker and the underpaid contracted walker is the perfect business model. Cutting the fat of needless administration while building a solid team, Sheena and her partners were able to offer the security and professionalism that agencies can provide combined with the personal touch and prices that only a solo walker can afford.

As a team who share equally in both the responsibilities of running a pet care business and the rewards of our own labors, we are alone in creating a dignified atmosphere for ourselves and your pets. Our direct relationships to both you and our jobs have established job security unmatched in the industry. Our long tenures make certain that we don't have a revolving-door of employees. Between us we share nearly three decades at the company and we want to share that time with you and your dog!

Your Canines of New York Team
Sheena, Sayaka, Dorie, Ris, Maxwell, and Greg



Our Services


pet Sitting

There when you can't be! For those times you can't bring your pet with you, we fill in so your furry friends don't have to change their routines! Walks, feedings, snuggles! Whatever you provide we do, too!

Puppy visits

It's exciting to bring home a brand new puppy but unfortunately sometimes the world isn't yet exciting for them! For any young puppies who haven't gotten their shots and can't yet enjoy the outdoors, we offer in-home play sessions!

Private Walk

Everybody needs alone time sometimes! If your dog prefers to walk with just one of us and no other dogs, we can accommodate this! Please note that availability may be limited during busier hours!

Semi-Private Walk

Our small-group walks are great for the social pup! Our packs of no more than three will join each other for a walk around the neighborhood! If you have any favorite spots please let us know! Available as 30-minute and 1-hour walks.

Since getting daily walks from Sheena and Sayaka, I see such a difference in Norman! He’s more relaxed and seems much happier than before. I highly recommend Canines of New York!
— Chelsea S.





30 Minute semi-private walk

Your pop and one or two of her four-legged friends will enjoy a thirty-minute walk around the city within a two-hour window that works with your schedule!


1 hour semi-private walk

Your pup and one or two of her four-legged friends will enjoy a one-hour walk around the city within a two-hour window that works with your schedule!




30 Minute private* walk

For dogs that need their alone time! We're happy to work with dogs that have special social needs! Your pup needs some outdoor time, she just needs it in peace!

*Please note that private walks may be in limited availability during busier hours


1 hour private* walk

Active but a real introvert? No worries! We can make that work! We'll enjoy a one-on-one hour with your pet and make sure her special needs are met!

*Please note that private walks may be in limited availability during busier hours




overnight sit

In your home or in one of hours, we offer pet sitting for peace of mind when you have to leave town and your dog can't come with! Rate is charged, all-inclusive, per 24-hour period with extra walks pro-rated. Please note that rates are on a per-customer basis as needs differ client to client. *Deposits and special rates may apply for major holiday seasons.


Special surcharges

We understand that there are special needs and we want to do everything we can to meet them! While feedings and meds are included in the listed prices, we do have a few extra fees. A second (or third) dog in the same home is $5 extra per dog per walk. All walks before 10 am, after 5 pm or on weekends/holidays incur a further $10 charge each (i.e. a night walk on a Saturday will incur a $20 surcharge). Additionally, windows shorter than two hours may be available for an additional $5.



Satisfied Customers





Our oPAWraters are standing by! Feel free to provide us with a little information about you, your dog, and your needs and we will be in touch with you ASAP to set up a free meet-and-greet! We look forward to hearing from you!