Our Rates
Our regular rate is $15 for a 30-minute visit and $25 for an hour. We ask $5 for every extra dog in the household and a $10 surcharge for each the following:

  • Mornings before 10 am or evenings after 5 pm
  • Weekends/Federal Holidays
  • Mandatory solo-walk

Our Services: 
Since every client has different needs or wants a 30-minute for their K9 friend. By classifying it as a visit* it can mean playtime in the apartment or any number of things. It also means it includes, at no extra charge, feedings, medications, and whatever else your pup may need! Please note that your scheduled visit must also include the time it takes to get in and out of the building.

*If you live in a high-security building, we recommend providing us with our own key as to not burden your doormen or use up your pup's valuable walk time!

We also Petsit. See more information on that below!

Will I always have the same walker?
Yes! Some areas are shared by two people, but it is the same two people all the time. Nobody will ever enter your home without your permission and your having met them.

Are you insured?
We are indeed! Through Pet Sitters Associates who have a policy that is tailored specifically to pet-care professionals. You can view our certificate here. We have thankfully never had to use it and we intend to keep it that way, but better safe than sorry!

How about bonding?
We are indeed! Also via Pet Sitters Associates!

Can you walk my dog everyday at noon exactly?
We can do our best, but we do ask for a two-hour grace period (ex. 12-2). Generally we will be there the same time each day, but this allows us to make room for new clients and account for unforeseeable circumstances such as inclement weather.

Our Inclement Weather Policy: 
We all bike everywhere, but even public transportation can be delayed by rain and snow. Not to mention dogs hate being out usually when there’s even a drizzle. We also take into consideration the elements’ effect on the health of your dogs and also us. While the days are rare, we may limit the length of a walk when temperatures are too high or low (above 90 and below 25). We also take special precautions when the sidewalks are hot or salted to protect those tender paws.

Our Cancellation Policy: 
We understand that schedules change so ours can as well. We do practice mutual flexibility. Ideally you can let us know the night before the cancellation, but we all wake up sick sometimes or have to handle another situation. So long as you can text your walker by 9 am, we can reasonably adjust our schedules. Once our day is underway, though, we do need to charge for the walk.

Scheduling Additional Walks: 
We are totally happy to do it! We do ask the same notice if possible. Always ask, though, and we will do our very best to fit you in!

Pet Sit and Boarding (Contact us for rates to meet your needs): 
We pet-sit in any occasion and there are situations that allow us to board. This includes everything: walks, feedings, meds, cuddling…you name it. Whatever you do, we do. We will do our very best to keep the same schedule you do and obviously will take good care of your home. For major holidays (Memorial/Labor Day weekends, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) we ask for a 50% down payment and as much notice as you can reasonably give as you can imagine these are high-request times. For these high demand times, sits may incur a surcharge.

What you can expect from us:

  • We will leave your home in the condition we found it. We clean up after ourselves and also don’t want you coming home finding anything damaged or rearranged.
  • The key will not transfer hands. You can be assured that the sitter you expect is the person taking care of the home.
  • We will not smoke or do any illegal drugs in your home.
  • We won’t use your house as a party place or crash pad. Ever.

What we ask to be comfortable during our stay:

  • A proper bed to sleep in, if you have one.
  • Clean sheets/bedding and a towel.
  • Use of the kitchen. If there is anything off limits (appliances, food, etc) just let us know. Most clients have left us food, but nobody has to! Some space in the fridge is all we ask.
  • Wireless password, if there is internet
  • Use of the TV/DVD-player, if there is one
  • Space to store our bike