Tips for Beating the Heat!

Our friends can't sweat the way we do to stay cool plus they walk around even in the summer wearing a fur coat! Especially here in the city it is important to be extra careful for their safety! Some things you can try:

  • Hit the parks! New York City thankfully has one of the largest concentrations of park land in the country! While it is definitely a concrete jungle, it is likely that there is a park space not very far away! Parks can be several degrees cooler than the street
  • Lurk in the shadows! In lieu of a park, do your best to stay on the shady side of the street! Around noon it may be hard to find any area not soaking in the sun's rays, though!
  • Keep midday walks short! It is cooler in the mornings and evenings!
  • Bring water! There are water fountains in parks, thankfully, and many in Central Park, for example, have dog dishes built right in! A lot of shops place water dishes outside their stores, but don't count on it! Many pet stores sell all-in-one bottles and dishes, but a standard bottle and small plastic container will work, too!
  • Wait on the sidewalk! We're a city of jay-walkers, but sometimes you have to wait at the light! If you do, the light-colored sidewalk will be much cooler than the blacktop! 

Summers here can be intense, but they don't have to be dangerous!