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WATCH! Going Deep with David Rees - How to Pet a Dog

 Going Deep with David Rees Season 2 airs on The Esquire Network. Check local listings.

Going Deep with David Rees Season 2 airs on The Esquire Network. Check local listings.

Humorist, David Rees, continues his bizarre "How-To" show on the Esquire Network. On his adventures, Rees devotes 22 minutes to tasks we might take for granted. Season one offered such instructables as "how to make an ice cube" and "how to tie your shoes". Season two starts off with something arguably a little more abstract and definitely a lot more relatable: How to Pet a Dog! Watch the premiere here!

The Chris Gethard Show - Gethminister Dog Show

The Chris Gethard Show, arguably the weirdest show on television, recently decided to further push the boundary by dedicating an entire episode strictly to dogs! Their studio is normally filled with 100 or so die-hard fans, but in this episode Chris, Shannon, and SNL's Jason Sudeikis go to the dogs!

Watch as they take Skype calls from dogs with the topic: Who's a Good Boy?! And make sure you check out the rest of the episodes on Fusion!

New Dog-Themed Podcast From Maximum Fun!

Our jobs are great! We get to hang out outside all the time with your dogs! It's also a great opportunity to catch up on podcast entertainment (in one ear only, duh!) We have really loved the Maximum Fun network (another collective!) and they just announced a brand new podcast all about dogs! I wonder if we donate to them if we can consider it a business expense?

Check out the podcast here!

Tips for Beating the Heat!

Our friends can't sweat the way we do to stay cool plus they walk around even in the summer wearing a fur coat! Especially here in the city it is important to be extra careful for their safety! Some things you can try:

  • Hit the parks! New York City thankfully has one of the largest concentrations of park land in the country! While it is definitely a concrete jungle, it is likely that there is a park space not very far away! Parks can be several degrees cooler than the street
  • Lurk in the shadows! In lieu of a park, do your best to stay on the shady side of the street! Around noon it may be hard to find any area not soaking in the sun's rays, though!
  • Keep midday walks short! It is cooler in the mornings and evenings!
  • Bring water! There are water fountains in parks, thankfully, and many in Central Park, for example, have dog dishes built right in! A lot of shops place water dishes outside their stores, but don't count on it! Many pet stores sell all-in-one bottles and dishes, but a standard bottle and small plastic container will work, too!
  • Wait on the sidewalk! We're a city of jay-walkers, but sometimes you have to wait at the light! If you do, the light-colored sidewalk will be much cooler than the blacktop! 

Summers here can be intense, but they don't have to be dangerous!