about us

Canines of New York was founded by Sheena in 2012 after two years working for an agency. Aware of the inefficiency and frustration of middlemen and turned off by the mega-packs that litter the Upper East Side, she wanted to create an experience unique to the neighborhood. Somewhere between the overworked solo walker and the underpaid contracted walker is the perfect business model. Cutting the fat of needless administration while building a solid team, Sheena and her partners were able to offer the security and professionalism that agencies can provide combined with the personal touch and prices that only a solo walker can afford.

As a team who share equally in both the responsibilities of running a pet care business and the rewards of our own labors, we are alone in creating a dignified atmosphere for ourselves and your pets. Our direct relationships to both you and our jobs have established job security unmatched in the industry. Our long tenures make certain that we don't have a revolving-door of employees. Between us we share nearly three decades at the company and we want to share that time with you and your dog!

Your Canines of New York Team
Sheena, Sayaka, Dorie, Ris, Maxwell, and Greg